Cannabis History

Cannabis is the world’s most popular and most controversial drug in use. Some people, especially those who are directly affected by use of Cannabis, seek for its complete ban and strict rules to those who are handling it. Others who include the growers and smokers advocate for legal systems that will protect non offensive smokers.

Extensive research by archeologists shows that Cannabis originated from Asia and was then spread to Africa. It was later discovered in Europe in the 6th century AD. 1000 Years later hemp started being grown by Americans to be used for textiles purposes. 

In between the year 1850-1950, a majority of American doctors greatly used and recommended the use of cannabis to relieve pain. They also used it to treat a series of illnesses such as arthritis and stomach problems. All this time, the use of cannabis was completely legal but debates were going on in America, of whether or not to control the drug. In 1935, the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act was passed and a majority of the states started to strictly control the use of cannabis.

In the 1960s awareness of the drug was created to label it as a countercultural and unacceptable drug that was used to intoxicate and damage normal functionality of the body. The legal penalties were however, not as strict as what is present today. In the year 1970, the Controlled Substances Act played part to identifying cannabis as a schedule 1 drug. This means that cannabis is categorized in the same class as heroin, cocaine or any other narcotic. In 1980, the Reagan administration War on Drugs passed a mandatory sentencing law of which a person was to face a sentence of not less than twenty five years if convicted thrice with cannabis related offences. 

These legislative stringent measures are still being debated upon to date. Some people argue that cannabis is not as addictive and life threatening as it is made to be. They therefore seek more lenient ways of handling cannabis and cannabis offenders.  The bodies that fight for the less stringent rules and control policies include; Coalition for rescheduling Cannabis Students for sensible drugs, and Law Enforcement for against Prohibition. 

Regardless of the social acceptability and the legal status of marijuana, it is important to note as it is, the drug is illegal and its use or possession can lead to a jail term.

We do not sell our seeds for the purpose of cultivation, but instead, for the purpose of preservation. Should cultivation be legal in your area, you may do as you wish according to your state/regional laws and regulations – we cannot stop you. However we in no way, condone the cultivation of the seeds sold in our store.